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Patama Quotes Tagalog


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You do something because you want to, and not just to impress yet.

I do not want to criticize you… I just did not see reason to praise you!

Is there someone in the exam like? One seat apart too.

When quiet, guilty. When spoken, defensive. Poetry is human.

Growing up my head? Is it natural! You empty it eh, what if they believe you’re small !.

That ugly face, ugly manners. Whoa! Suit!

Admit it, you know you have a flirtation with the person you love, but just being applied and is not fully occupied. You push that.

I do not have to repeat for reply, because if I have value on you, you did not remember the text for me.

What else do you want? You hurt me and leave this now done ok when I forgot that we then come back and I claimed not leave yet. what? I do not want that! I’m happy now, but why do that? “I still love you Damn you!”

In so much running through my mind, you just landed in my heart.

People hate you, I hate wooed us, you also hate ?.

If not, do you insist. Unpopular be stupid so do not inter trends.

I know she lied, but she needed, but you need to pretend that you believe because you love him!

Why would you hide if you can just turn it mean? If i’m not too late to admit. He he…

Just twelve, you experienced instantly heaven? You’ve just stepped on first ball and circular equation too flirty !.

When you leave who are not for you, you look out for them and you see him. Go back to the past and say, “Thank you.. if you’re dismissed I did not recognise you”.

Its hard to admit to disavow. But easy to notice that he did not want to admit.

Do you shield yourself and the person does not like you. Remember, You’re not in love.

This Movie seems to be with karma if not showing likely to coming soon.

Those people have to say who you imagine, I have to judge others they assume perfect. Probably here if problematic, making just entertainment revile men ..

No matter how much you contribute to someone if you are not then its just a waste matter of time.

The snakes are not just visible in the water. Sometimes you talk and you’re always together!.

Patama not all about you, you’re just not hitting just because you feel !!!

Very beautiful are tended not to notice.

You do not really need to make up for being accepted by others. If you have a good attitude, everyone will surely love you.