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Not because of the distance between you and each other to not give up when you start. If you love, can do each other all the way.

Do not be too confident that he loves you. As forces of wine he could speak to you, he may also vomit.

In a relationship, no matter how carefully you hold the one.. Yet you have lost it.. Because he had released the hold earlier.

How can you love someone else. If you’re returning to the past …

Laugh hard if you are not really happy, even if you smile, we still have to be hard on the eyes to feel the loneliness.

Do you want to look for the qualities of former dear, that you want to cherish. Nobody and nothing can have such love story closely and similarly… Others may experienced in the present!

In love, do not insist on things because that can not be done.

Someone quickly fall in love and suddenly left, and you forget about it and then you are still the same.

Who was the cause of the complaints … We bet you, she is also the cause of severe crying.

I’m the type of person to grumble but I also have to smile at the person who wishes to us

If you want to be part of my life, make sure that you are ready to accept not only the good parts but also my stupid side.

Do not go stupid on who you have ignored.

Yet I fight for what I love you if I just feel it.

Do not believe what you just said ‘baby’. You may not be aware of the triplets as well !.

Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.

You can lose weight by running away from your feelings ?.

You would have wasted the past. But here you are today. Ignoring the present. What else would you deal with the future if only just uttering the word ‘waste’.

Why are we asked a question whether the proposition will move on? You know you did not receive answers to yourself that you end up.

I could not handle taking the word ‘just simply’, as long as you do not treat me like a ‘NOTHING’.

Do you train someone even if you are guilty, then he shall humble because there are two things to be abusing the kindness you or your stupidity.

Think First.!!! If you do get hurt, Because the ‘SORRY’ claim only sin, but not correct the ERROR.

The women, they like my sense of belongingness. They’d known they were family, and among your friends.

Do you really love people too, if only that was fashionable to leave.

If you are asked whether you love chocolates or flowers… Be practical! Rise.!!! Men Rise.!!!

The love seems cold, why do you keep pulling it back when its better to let go.